27 Aug 2018

Health Optimization. A New Medical Paradigm Meaning and Philosophy ……

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People have been asking about this new medical paradigm, the technology based clinics.
First let’s think about a piece of technology we all know well. Our mobile phone, think about your first mobile and how much technology has advanced over the years to the phone you have now. The same is happening with medical technology of course. We now have so much more advanced technologies than ever before and we can see more safely and non-invasively, diagnose better with more specific and more sensitive devices and we can even quite often treat without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. How do we do this?

The concept behind health optimizing clinic is to use the body’s own self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms to treat or tackle a health-related issue or a symptom. The thing that I would like to highlight here is that symptoms can occur when your body is trying to compensate for something. When you are sick, for example if you have a sore throat, your body compensates by increasing the temperature or in other words you get a fever. Your body does that because your immune system works better at a higher temperature but our instant reaction would be to lower the fever or the body temperature and this literally means we have treated the symptom and have not yet addressed the main issue.
This is a very simple example but there are other much serious diseases and conditions that if left untreated or if only the symptoms are treated, then that issue becomes a chronic illness.

Another example would be constipation. If you feel constipated your immediate reaction would be taking a laxative and most people do that for years and they completely ignore the cause. The question should be why do they have constipation? Is it food related or a mechanical issue with the digestive tract or is it pathogen related. The answer is that most people don’t dig deep enough to get to the root cause.

The problem here is that when only the symptom is treated we are not just treating that symptom, we are often basically getting rid of the compensation that your body really needs at that time and that creates even more problems and illnesses as the root cause has been left untreated.

The health optimizing clinics works by finding the causes and even underline causations for a health issue. We do a very comprehensive health test where we look at around 20,000 different factors. We don’t just lessen the symptoms, we go to the core. The things we look at when we do our health assessment are not the regular blood tests or scans etc, but we take into consideration the pH of the tissue, the oxygenation of the cells, the hydration inside and outside the cell, the ions exchange, tissue toxicity, genetics, epigenetics and many more all of which cannot be ignored. So, we really dig deep and go to the cellular and the tissue level to see if there in an imbalance of some sort. All the factors mentioned above can also be the underlying factors for some of the health problems. These coupled with other things which are called the trigger factors (stress, trauma, unresolved psychosomatic issues, presence of pathogens etc) can cause a lot of issues for the human body. All these things can aggravate an already existing health issue and makes the body less capable of dealing with the problem.

Another aspect that we pay great attention to is the diet. We have different diets for people with different health conditions and they weigh as heavily as any other treatment. I would like to highlight why diet is so important. If a person takes a carbohydrate rich diet (high glycaemic index) then his/her body produces a lot of free radicals which can ultimately lead to inflammation and can also act as an aggravating or a trigger factor as discussed earlier. These people are pre-diabetic and if they don’t change their diet or get the appropriate treatment then this changes to full blown Type 2 Diabetes in a couple of years. Also for people who have very serious disease e.g. cancer, diet is an extremely important part of the treatment which we greatly emphasise upon, along with supporting the immune system.

People who come to the clinic might have a certain diagnosis already or it might even be a very complex situation where the modern tests might not have resolved the issue. The first stop of every patient is the GP or the hospital but when they fail to find a cure the disease keeps on progressing which makes it even more complex and chronic. And then there are other people who have issues like for example a diabetic ulcer where the treatment would ultimately end up in an amputation if the ulcer does not heal properly and obviously nobody would like that at all and our health optimization clinics have 63/63 success rate in curing the ulcer without an amputation.

Other people that are really interested in this concept are sportsmen and athletes who have ended up winning countless medals and matches after the optimization treatments in the clinics. They also recover faster from injuries with our treatments which means they can get back training or get back in the game faster.

Another very popular category that visits the clinic are health conscious people who want to be in their best form and shape so that they can have a life full of good health as we optimize their health as much as we possibly can…

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