20 Aug 2014

Root canal treatment takes the pain away” by Dr. John Lordan

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“Root canal treatment takes the pain away”

Indications for root canal treatment vary from acute symptoms eg sensitivity to hot/cold, to chronic infection and dental abscess, these conditions that can be particularly painful and root canal therapy removes the cause and alleviates the problem without removing the tooth.

Root canal treatment removes the cause of the pain in your tooth and with up to date anaesthetic techniques the procedure can be carried out in a pain free comfortable manner. Anaesthetic techniques have to be appropriate and staged to ensure adequate depth for guaranteed comfort throughout the duration of the procedure.

Endodontists – root canal specialists are trained in “state of the art” anaesthetic techniques to carry out your root canal treatment in comfort. This involves accurate diagnosis of the state of the pulp and utilising the most up to date appropriate methods of delivery to achieve full anaesthesia, which often involves a combination of systems such as the highly acclaimed “Quicksleeper System” which is 100% reliable in difficult to anaesthetise acutely inflamed cases. Root canal treatment gives relief from the cause of the pain and in itself should not be a painful procedure.

Dr John Lordan is giving a presentation on advanced anaesthetic techniques for root canal treatment
at the IAAGDS scientific meeting on September 27th