The Northbrook Clinic

T he Northbrook Clinic was established in 1993 and provides the full range of dental specialist treatments and facilities. There is also in attendance a consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon; a consultant in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery; and a consultant psychiatric, family and trauma therapist.

Located close the City Centre on Northbrook Road in Ranelagh, The Northbrook Clinic is easily accessible from the M50 and within walking distance of Ranelagh Luas Station and numerous city bus routes.

Patients are referred and may contact the clinic for specialist treatment before returning to their own general dental or medical practitioner.


From the history books:

The Northbrook Clinic is a three-storey detached Gothic Revival building designed by the architect Mr W.G. Murray. For more than a century, the building accommodated a constant stream of men aged 65-90 from all over Ireland faced with destitution. In 1993, the building was converted into a specialist dental facility offering support to general dental practitioners throughout country. Today, The Northbrook Clinic continues to evolve as it embraces a burgeoning multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare.

Specialists in attendance at The Northbrook Clinic include: