Dublin Orthodontics Update Covid-19

Dublin Orthodontics have taken the decision to temporarily close all of our practices due to the risk of Covid-19 and government guidelines to slow down the spread of infection. We feel it is best to protect our staff, our patients and their families. We shall contact any patient that was due in for an appointment.. read more →

Covid -19

Covid-19 UPDATE Northbrook Clinic Here at the Northbrook Clinic we continue to carefully monitor the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Can all visitors to the clinic please follow HSE guidelines to protect yourself and others: If you have returned from an affected area in the last couple of weeks or been in contact with.. read more →

Back-to-school tips to keep teeth healthy

1. Establish a regular tooth cleaning routine for your child Toothbrushing: Good brushing technique is important so that dental plaque is adequately removed. Dental plaque is a sticky white film of bacteria and it contributes to causing dental decay. Supervised brushing does not simply mean being in the same room – it means actually brushing.. read more →


Many patients present with this complaint. There are multiple reasons why teeth look short, which could include one or several of the following: Inflammation associated with poor oral hygiene, periodontal (gum) disease and faulty restorations. Altered passive eruption: Teeth are the correct length, but covered by excess gum tissue or the teeth have not erupted.. read more →

Prevention of Dental Injuries

When playing contact sports the risk of dental injury is increased. Wearing a well fabricated mouthguard reduces the risk of dental injury by over 99%. However not all mouthguards provide the same protection. You have three choices: 1. Stock mouthguard 2. Boil and bite mouthguard 3. Custom fit mouthguard Numbers 1 and 2 cannot be.. read more →

10% off all Injections for February!

10% off all Injections for February! For the month of February we are cutting 10% off the price of all our Botox and Dermal Filler injections! To book an appointment and avail of this fantastic offer, call us now on 01-4915738 or email info@aestheticinstitute.ie   read more →

Non-Surgical Procedures at The Aesthetic Institute

Non-Surgical Procedures Achieving excellent results doesn’t have to mean going under the knife. Enhance and optimize what you already have with our Non Surgical Procedures that will have you looking and feeling your best without the down time of surgery. Here at The Aesthetic Institute patient safety is a top priority for us. We have.. read more →

Include A Dental Visit in your Child’s Calendar!

When you think of the word ‘dentist’, it is unlikely to evoke positive memories, as it is likely that the first time most people attended the dentist, they had a problem. This need not be the case for your child. I am often asked when is the best time to take a child for their.. read more →

Dr. John Lordan to Present at Symposium on Irrigation and disinfection

The Schilder Institute for the Advancement of Endodontics is holding a symposium on ‘Irrigation and Disinfection’ which will take place live on the internet at 7pm on Saturday 7th December 2014 and can be viewed anytime after that. Dr John Lordan will highlight the different bacterial challenges posed in retreatment cases and discuss the successful.. read more →

Reasons to be Seen by an Endodontist

Dr John Lordan outlines some situations when you might need to see an Endodontist for your root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is indicated when a nerve has become irreversibly damaged resulting in acute pain and eventually an abscess in the tooth. Root canal treatment is a means of relieving pain and retaining your tooth for life if.. read more →